General Sponsors

Canterbury District Health Board

Canterbury District Health Boards (Canterbury DHB) primary focus is on providing healthcare to the Canterbury Region. Canterbury DHB is responsible for the health and wellbeing of an estimated 558,830 residents, covering a  region of 26,881 square kilometers.  Canterbury DHB is divided between six regional local authorities and it is the second largest DHB in terms of population and area.
The Canterbury Health System is internationally recognised as a world leader in integrated health care, putting Canterbury people at the centre of everything we do.
The Canterbury DHB Infection Prevention and Control Service (IP&C)   provides expert guidance and support to minimise the occurrence and spread of healthcare related infections. It strategically deploys its resources to provide maximum benefits to patients. This allows this service to ensure that they put the Canterbury population at the centre of everything they do.
The IP&C service has recently undergone a significant review and is at the beginning of an exciting journey of change and innovation.


Endurocide Infection Control – Bio Technics Ltd

Endurocide® Antimicrobial & Sporicidal Curtains – The next generation of patented semi-disposables. Curtain surface is static on a molecular level – traps the pathogens & holds them. Contains active sporicide, bacteriocide & fungicide which gets to work immediately. Effective against c.diff, VRE’s, MRSA, H1N1 Swine Flu etc. Designed specifically to help reduce the risk of spreading infection. Medical trial proves efficacy against spores, bacteria and fungi for up to 2 years. Compatible with all track, lightweight and easy to install.


Southern Cross Hospitals

Southern Cross Hospitals operates New Zealand’s largest network of private surgical hospitals, with a focus on high quality care and patient safety.
This focus naturally leads us to monitor and measure what we do, including reporting our performance.  We recently published the outcome of a long-term surveillance and quality improvement project in reducing surgical site infections in the Southern Cross Hospitals network, 2014-2015.  We work with others in the health sector to support best practice and improve safety, quality and the experience patients have in hospital.
Robust clinical safety, quality and risk systems are in place to support independent medical specialists and nursing teams in our hospitals.  Our national network of wholly-owned and joint venture facilities allows us to offers services including surgery, medicine and rehabilitation support.  Our centres include digital operating theatres, robotic surgery, a state-of-the-art interventional cardiology centre, imaging, and a range of consulting and specialist therapy centres.


St Georges Hospital


As one of the largest private hospitals in New Zealand, St George’s Hospital provides a comprehensive range of surgical, medical, maternity and cancer care services. With it’s 11 theatres, cardiac cath lab, 3 surgical wards, ICU, comprehensive cancer care and maternity services St Georges Hospital can provide a wide range of options for both patients and surgeons.
First established in 1928 as an incorporated society and a registered charity, St George’s Hospital has a long history of providing quality healthcare services. The patient population is diverse, and patients travel from around New Zealand to take advantage of the modern equipment, facilities and technology that St George’s Hospital has to offer.
Currently St George’s Hospital is undergoing a significant redevelopment due to damage sustained in the 2011 earthquakes. This work, which is scheduled to be completed in 2020, is a unique opportunity to replace what was lost whilst providing clinicians and staff with world-class facilities that are modern, future-proofed and, most importantly, safe.