General Sponsors

Endurocide Infection Control – Bio Technics Ltd

Endurocide® Antimicrobial & Sporicidal Curtains – The next generation of patented semi-disposables. Curtain surface is static on a molecular level – traps the pathogens & holds them. Contains active sporicide, bacteriocide & fungicide which gets to work immediately. Effective against c.diff, VRE’s, MRSA, H1N1 Swine Flu etc. Designed specifically to help reduce the risk of spreading infection. Medical trial proves efficacy against spores, bacteria and fungi for up to 2 years. Compatible with all track, lightweight and easy to install.


Webber Training


Webber Training Inc. supports infection prevention and control worldwide through the TELECLASS EDUCATION initiative and other educational projects. TELECLASS EDUCATION is a lecture series on infection prevention and control topics that is run entirely by volunteers and is accessed by healthcare professionals in every country on the globe. IPCNC sponsors free access for all IPCNC members (a $700 value).