Programme current as at 5 August, however subject to change.

 Monday 23 September
7.30amRegistration open
8.45amConvenors address
9.00amKeynote - Authentic Leadership and the future of IPC. Julie Storr
9.50amOn your best behaviours. Carolyn Stewart
10.20amMorning tea
10.50amKeynote - Decontamination of medical devices in low resource settings - challenges to IPC. Prof Shaheen Mehtar
11.40amIP&C and the design process. Darryl Haines
12.10pmBugs in colour. Anne Hutley
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1.35pmKeynote - Antimicrobial resistance: The end of modern medicine? Siouxsie Wiles
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2.25pmCrohn's Disease: Bacteria never sleep, so look busy. John Aitken
2.55pmAfternoon tea
Reprocessing in endoscopy. Holly WealeBuilding resilience through change. Concurrent session
Lisa Stirling
3.00pm - 5.00pm
Let's go on a pseudomonas hunt. Iona Bichan
How do our hospitals 'scrub up'? Justine Wheatley
5.00pmWelcome Reception around the trade
6.30pmFree evening
 Tuesday 24 September
7.00amBreakfast session. What hand hygiene would be like if kids ran hospitals. - Prof. Mary-Louise McLaws
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8.30amKeynote - Prevention is better than cure - studying pathogen transmission in the lab. Dr Siouxsie Wiles
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9.20amNew Zealand CPE guidelines - 1 year on. Dr Josh Freeman
9.45amDebate. Gloves should be used in contact precautions. Chair Alistair Humphreys
10.20amMorning tea
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10.50amClostridium difficile: one patient's journey of rising from the ashes. Deanna Sara & Sarah Metcalf
11.15amCLABSI - Why targeting a zero benchmark is flawed. Prof. Mary-Louise McLaws
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12.05pmDo infection prevention and control standards die or flourish in changing models of healthcare? The review of 8143.3:2008 Francie Morgan
12.10pmLightening talks - Posters
1.35pmWebber Training session sponsored by

Developing appropriate education platforms for IPC. Prof. Shaheen Mehtar
Social wellbeing for spinal patients in MDRO isolation. Louise BrownProtective mask use in practice. Ruth BarrattReducing SSI in SX hospitals. Tanya Jackways
Anywhere, anytime, anyone - leading the aseptic technique learning. Sue AitkenSuperman, where are you now? Claire Underwood & Sarah Thomas How may we help you? All you wanted to know about the ACC ICNet expansion project and the New Zealand national service hub. Michelle Taylor
3.45pmAfternoon tea
7.00pmConference Dinner Transitional Cathedral
 Wednesday 25 September
8.20amKeynote - Patient empowered 1999 - 2019. Julie Storr
9.10amIllness and recovery - Living to tell the tale. Chris Vanderweg
9.40amWednesday 13th March - a day I will not forget. Shelagh Thomas
10.10amMorning tea
10.40amYou can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink: Drinking water and the "post-Havelock environment". Dr Alistair Humphrey
11.10amManaging Infectious Outbreaks - the Canterbury Collaborative approach. Dr Phil Schroeder & Kelly Robertson
11.40amJust a flight away: Canterbury Measles Outbreak 2019. Ramon Pink
12.10pmInnovate, Integrate, Motivate - Conjoint Conference Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC), Canada and International Federation of Infection Control. Jane Barnett
12.55pmSepsis: a major current issue for NZ & a road-map to eliminating preventable harm. Dr Robert Martynoga
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1.55pmPartnering to invest and expand best practices. Nikki Grae, HQSC
2.50pmConference 2020 and closing